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 Professional Golf Instructor in Hayling Island and Hampshire

Jon Barnes, Golf Instructor

Bespoke Golf Coaching

Jon Barnes is a PGA-qualified professional golf instructor who offers coaching for golfers of all abilities, from beginners to those looking to become touring professionals. Clients can receive golf course lessons, lessons on a driving range, or a state-of-the-art indoor golfing simulator.

He has played at PGA level and has a proven track record in coaching individuals of all abilities and styles.

Jon always tailors his golf coaching service to suit the individual preferences of each client.

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Professional Golf Instructor in Hayling Island and Hampshire

Golf Course Lessons

Receive tailored golf course lessons at Hayling Golf Club. Clients can choose which area of the game they want to work on, from medium iron to bunker play to pitching.

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Golfing Simulator

Our golfing simulator is unparalleled in its sophistication and data-acquisition potential. Its indoor location enables clients to use it during inclement weather or at night.

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 Clients can receive six lessons with a professional golf instructor for the price of five.  Call Jon Barnes for a free consultation to discuss your coaching plan.  See My Pricing >



Professional Golf Instructor in Hayling Island and Hampshire 

Improve Your Technique

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Build Confidence & Develop Skills

Data Driven Development

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Professional Golf Coaching, Tailored For Everyone

 Jon offers coaching for golfers of all levels,  from amateur to pro. He coaches Men, Ladies and Juniors to aspire to single figure games, to work on your technique or
even to become a tour professional. With decades of experience as a PGA-Qualified player, he is now offering his skill and know-how to those willing to learn.

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Capture Critical Data and Improve Your Game With Our Golf Simulator

Using the indoor studio at Seacourt Tennis Club on Hayling Island, clients can utilise the Foresight Sports GC2 and GC2-HMT golf simulators to refine their game using the latest and best golfing technology.

HIRE THE SIMULATOR - Hire the golf simulator at our studio for your own use

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Why Jon Barnes Golf?


Jon is a professional golf instructor who covers every single base, from easy-going golf lessons for beginners to working with touring professionals who want to master a particular aspect of their game. He can provide targeted golf coaching for swing, long-game, short game, putting, and more.


Having played at a high professional level for many years, along with providing golf coaching for countless individuals, Jon has the necessary experience to quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide coaching to develop your game.


Every client who works with Jon receives a highly bespoke service centered around their specific golfing aims and individual preferences. He will formulate a golf coaching plan that aligns with the way you learn best and what you want to achieve.